The Best Dog Beds of 2018: which should you buy?

Dog owners will know that some dogs tend to choose the most unusual places when it comes to taking a nap or relaxing. Some dogs enjoy lying flat out in front of a radiator while other dogs will do their best to bury themselves in sheets or blankets placed on top of cushions.

Perhaps it is time to buy them a new dog bed.

To help you decide, we have compiled reviews of what we consider to be the best dog beds at affordable prices available today.

Dog Bed Reviews Size From Score
Knuffelwuff Orthopaedic s,m,l,xl,xxl
Bunty Deluxe Soft Washable s,m,l,xl,xxl
Scruffs Memory Foam Milan Orthopaedic Mattress l,xl
Max and Tilly Igloo Dog Bed s
Me & My Large Super Soft l
House of Paws Arctic Snuggle s,m,l,xl
Knuffelwuff Paw Luena Extra Soft s,m,xl,xxl
Scruffs Ranger Donut s,m,l
KosiPet Deluxe Extra Large Waterproof xl
Knuffelwuff Heaven Extra Soft x,m,xl,xxl
* Many of these products include FREE UK Delivery.

Dogs, as humans, have preferences when it comes to beds. You wouldn’t like to sleep on a mattress that is not comfortable enough, or gives you more of a backache instead of a good night sleep. Well, neither would your dog.

The clue to provide your dog with the perfect bed for his night sleep and nap times is to understand first its needs, and then what the market has to offer.

Beds to burrow in

Some dogs wish to bury themselves in their beds, rather as though they were digging out a hole in the ground or moving into a cave.

If your dog enjoys hiding his head under your sofa cushions, then you should be looking for a bed with lots of layers that can be nuzzled and turned around, as they can be ideal for this type of pet. Snuggle dog beds or slumber nests are perfect.

Beds for lounging on

If your dog is often found lying on top of a mattress or cushion with his legs up in the air, then lounging dog beds could be the perfect solution to this.

These beds are large, with lots of padding which allows them to roll around and sprawl on their backs. These beds are often circular in shape, so you need to have suitable space in your home to accommodate them. For dogs that like to roll a lot, the beds need to be tougher than usual, as a persistent roller can deteriorate the bed quite quickly.

Beds for comfort

In some cases, your dog may prefer a traditional soft, cushioned dog bed. Other dogs will find a quilted bed their ideal place to lie down and have a good nap or night sleep.

Are there any special beds for older dogs?

When your dog reaches the old age, it is most likely it will suffer from ailments similar to the ones humans develop, such as arthritis, muscular pain, hip pain or joint pain.

In order to make their lives easier and provide them with the special care, manufacturers have created the orthopaedic beds for dogs. These kinds of beds were quite expensive and really hard to find in the past but thankfully, it is not the case anymore.

Due to the many benefits orthopaedic beds offer to dogs, their use is not limited only to medical cases. Any dog can enjoy the benefits of using an orthopaedic bed and the comfort it provides, especially if your dog is overweight, old, a restless sleeper or just a dog who doesn’t find comfortable any other kind of bed.

How do Memory Foam/Orthopaedic dog beds work?

The memory foam of some orthopaedic dog beds makes all the difference. It responds to the weight and the shape of your dog and by doing so, eliminates all the pressure points.

When your dog rests on a bed that moulds to its body, its joints, spine and muscles rest perfectly well. If there are no pressure points it is more likely that your dog will feel less discomfort and pain so will be able to get a better night sleep.

Another advantage that these beds offer is that the memory foam responds to the body temperature, which makes very unlikely that your dog will end up sleeping on the cool floor during a warm night.

Not all orthopaedic beds are made of memory foam. There are other mattresses for dogs that have individual sprung pocket construction with thick layers of cotton and wool felt. This special construction ensures the even distribution of the dog’s weight for a comfortable sleep.

How to choose the best dog bed according to the size of your dog?

When it comes to dog beds, it is not a simple task to choose the most appropriate one for your pet. The size of your dog will be probably the most important factor to take into account. Here are some useful tips that will help you choose the most adequate bed for your four-legged friend.

Beds for small and medium dogs

If you have a dog that is small or medium sized, you will find that there is a wide range of dog beds for your pet.

You need to remember though to keep the bed in proportion to the size of your dog. If you buy a bed that is too large for your pet it can make him feel insecure. The bed needs to be large enough for the dog to stretch out.

The other reason why the bed can’t be too large is because small dogs are more likely to get chilly, so you need a bed that will keep them warm and cosy.

A very popular option for these kinds of dogs is to get nest dog beds. They are typically oval or round and have lots of cushioning and raising sides to help your little friend feel comfortable and secure.

Beds for large dogs

It can be more difficult to find a wide variety of options when it comes to beds for large dogs. However, most of the best large dog beds are made of thick memory foam, which should provide the cushioning your large pet needs due to its heavy weight.

As you can see, there are beds to suit every dog. It is important to choose the Best dog bed for your pet if you want to keep a happy dog for a long time – and keep the peace and quiet of your nights as well!