The Best Dog Car Seat Covers of 2018: which should you buy?

If you are one of those pet owners that really enjoys taking your pet with you on the car everywhere you go, then it is most likely you need a dog car seat cover.

The best dog car seat cover is not only intended to keep the animal comfortable, it is also a good way to preserving the good condition of your seats. Because even if your pet is well behaved when at home, sometimes being in the car can affect its conduct, making it feel nervous, excited or even sick.

Dog car seat covers are also ideal if your dog enjoys playing in muddy puddles or running water. In fact, they can be a life saver if you are really fussy about your car being clean and tidy all the time!

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So, in case you are wondering what are the best dog car seat covers to buy, here is some information and features a dog car seat cover should have, so you can decide which suits your needs best.

Conventional dog car seat covers

If you don’t want to fuss too much with your car before you put in your pet, then basic dog car seat covers can be the best option.

These covers can simply be fitted to the backrest and seat of the vehicle, and provide comfort and security for your pet. They are suitable for use with a specific dog harness seat, which means that the pet doesn’t move around too much while the vehicle is travelling, and that it is secure in the event of an accident.

These seat covers offer protection for your car seat, and comfort for your pet, without requiring too much fitting or positioning.

One of the main features to look for is that the car seat cover is waterproof. This is almost a must have, as dogs are specialists in getting soaked wet after long walks. This is probably the most important feature if you want to keep your car seats clean, tidy and hair-free.

Dog hammocks

More and more dog owners are choosing to use an alternative type of dog car seat covers which are known as dog hammocks.

These are fitted like a sling between the backrests of the driver and passenger seats and the backseats. This creates a sort of V or U shape which keeps the dog securely in place while you travel.

There are several advantages to choosing dog hammocks over basic dog car seat covers, including additional security and protection for your dog in the event of an accident.

Some hammocks provide zip zips and folding parts of the hammock so that backseat passengers can also sit comfortably alongside the dog, meaning that you can keep both dogs and children safe when travelling.