The Best Dog Crates of 2018: which should you buy?

If you have recently bought a new dog, then one of the most common additional purchases is a dog crate.

These are designed to help you fit the needs of the dog into your new lifestyle.

Dog crates are a great way of creating a secure place for your dog, especially while you are still trying to train it.

Dog crates can come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

To help you narrow down the vast choice you face, we have selected only the best dog crates which have received good, honest customer reviews and feedback, and which are available at a reasonable cost.

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Although the dog crate or dog cage should not be used all the time, it can offer you an alternative when your dog is very young or in emergencies.

There are three main types of creates, classified according to the material they are made of: fabric crates, plastic crates and wire crates.

Fabric crates

This kind of crate is ideal for small dogs when travelling, for camping or for sporting events.

If you are using a fabric crate, you need your dog to be very well trained. You should not leave your dog for too long in this crate without supervision, as these kinds of crates are not secure.

Some of the benefits they offer include that they are light, easy to store as you can fold them flat, and they are very comfortable if you need to travel with your pet.

Plastic Crates

They are sturdier than fabric crates and they frequently feel more secure for your four-legged companion thanks to the fact that the walls are most of the times solid.

The insulation in these cages is an advantage if you own a small dog, a puppy or a dog with very short hair, especially if you live in cold areas.

They can also be extremely light, which is something to take into account if you need to move your crate around very often.

Another advantage is that you can find on the market many plastic crates approved by airlines, which means that you can fly with your pet if required.

Although these crates offer lots of advantages, they are not suitable for all dogs. Some dogs or puppies may feel too isolated or confined in a crate like this, causing the dog to bark and whine in protest.

Wire Crates

These crates are economical and can fold flat for easy storage.

They are probably more suitable for dogs with long hair or if the climate is warm. Your pet will stay fresh thanks to the excellent ventilation these crates have.

One important advantage that wire dog crates offer is that you can find some of them have removable divider panels so they can be sized to your growing dog. By removing the panels you can extend the living space of the crate when required.

Another significant advantage that wire crates offer is that they are very easy to clean, and thanks to the wire the odours escape quickly.

Although your dog will be able to see everything around him, as there are no solid walls that will isolate it, this feature can also be a disadvantage for some types of dogs. A dog that gets excited too easily may cry or whine when realising it can’t take part of the nearby activities.

What are the main reasons to buy a crate for your dog?

Dogs are by nature den animals, so a crate can provide a sense of security and refuge for your pet if it is introduced correctly. Some of the main reasons for this purchase include:

– House training – Crates are the perfect tool to train young puppies. Normally, as long as the crate is the right size, your puppy will not soil the crate. Therefore, it is very effective for helping your little friend to gain control over its bladder. You will have to clean up fewer numbers of accidents and your puppy will learn more quickly where it has to relieve itself. Thanks to crates the house training period usually takes between 10 to 14 days.

– Protection – Yes, protection for both your dog and your house, especially while your dog is still a puppy. Your furniture and plant pots will be safe from an over-excited puppy with its chewing teeth, who only wants to jump, explore and play. Crates are valuable tools when it comes to forming good habits in puppies. If they were introduced to the crate correctly, then when they become adults they will not resent it. On the contrary, they will consider it their private hideaway spot, the place where they can rest and find peace and quiet when they so much need it.

– Travelling – When you take your dog on your car, you need to make sure that they are travelling safe and comfortable, just as you do when travelling with kids. The easier way to achieve that is by using a crate to control them, avoiding accidents on the road.

Which is the right crate size for my dog?

This is probably the first question that may come to your mind once you have decided to by a crate for your dog.

One of the most common mistakes when buying a crate for house training a puppy is to buy one that is too large. If it has too much space, your puppy will relieve itself in a remote corner, defeating the purpose of the crate in the first place. In this case, the best thing to do is to add a divider to the crate so your puppy has a reduced area and can be properly trained.

The right size of the crate for your dog will be the one that allows it to lie down and turn around. There should be about four inches of space between the top panel and the dog’s head when sitting or standing. It may seem too confining to a human, but for dogs it is the perfect size.

If you don’t feel comfortable about crating your dog, you should consider visiting your vet or talking to a professional trainer. These experts will be able to give you valuable advice and explain to you in more detail all the advantages of using a crate at home.