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Dog Coats

Canada Pooch Army Parka, Size 16 W, Maroon, Dog Coat

Canada Pooch Army Parka, Size 16 W, Maroon, dog coatThis Stylish Parka Coat is great whether it be for a boy or girl as it comes in the colour Burgundy.

It looks funky and stylish with its faux fur hood and lovely warm faux sheepskin inside. It has two little handy pockets at the back where you could keep dog waste bags or treats (unless they can smell them!).

This coat is machine washable and also waterproof so no wet doggy in the rain.

It has a little opening for the lead to go through to clip onto the harness underneath the jacket, which is great as I have bought a couple of coats in the past where I have had to cut these in myself.

Although this coat is excellent there are a couple of minor downfalls. The advert states that the hood is removable which it is not and also the larger sizes do not come with sleeves on them but apart from that, overall a great jacket.

Army Camo Dog Coat – 6 Sizes

Army Camo Dog Coat - 6 SizesI love this coat its so stylish.

It’s great for a boy or girl as camouflage is unisex.

This jacket comes in 6 sizes with an easy velcro fastening. Either side of the coat at the bottom has a toggle to ensure a perfect snug fit on a smaller dog and will keep the warmth in. Also has a pocket at the back for treats and such.

The jacket has a cute faux fur hood, perfect for when it rains.

At £13.99 this is a really affordable price with a more expensive look.

Dog Collars

Pet Moon Soft Leather Dog Collar Flower Colour Padded Mulitple Colours (Pink, Small(10.8 – 13.2 in))

Pet Moon Soft Leather Dog CollarThis fabulous little collar is so adorable for any little princess.

I love the flower embellishments, its so girly. This comes in pink, black, blue and red.

I would say it is more suitable as an accessory than for a lead as a smaller dog needs a good harness. None the less a real fashion statement.

You can choose from either small or medium.

The leather is really soft for comfort and a great price. The write up says the medium collar is for a 14-18 inch but only measures 16 inch long so you need to take into account the size of your dogs neck.

Berry 2″ Wide Spiked Studded PU Leather Dog Collar (Medium or Large Dogs) Especially Pitbull Boxer Mastiff,Bronze 15-18″

Berry Studded PU Leather Dog CollarOh My! This collar is just amazing, it really stands out.

Great for a rock look if your not really into accessories too girly.

It has a diamante Skull and Bones with spikes studded around it. Definitely a show stopper.

You can choose from black and bronze, all black, red and pink leopard print.

This collar would be best suited to a larger dog as the collar is 2 inches wide, and is thick. It is very durable and high quality. I would highly recommend this.

Dog Bowls

A perfect gift for any four legged Prince or princess : Trixie Prince/cess range bowl and placemat

Trixie Prince-cess range bowl and placematSuper cute feeding or water bowl.

This bowl is made from stainless steel so is very durable as well as scratch and shock resistant.

It has rubber feet so no little accidental spillages.

It comes in 3 sizes so will cater for small, medium or large dogs.

You also have a choice for Prince or Princess. The Princess bowl is pink with “My Princess” on the front. The Prince Bowl is silver/ grey and has the words “My Prince”.

The bowl also comes with a place-mat so no messy eating or drinking!

Raised white ceramic pet bowl – Ideal dog / cat / pet food water feeder- Quirky, cute and cool – Perfect for inside the home or garden -Durable, classic and cool

Ceramic Pet BowlLove, love, love this superb trendy and cool dog bowl made from white ceramic. Why not make a trendy fashion statement?

This quirky bowl will look great in either your home or garden, and will definitely be a talking point.

It holds 1 pint of water and is also dishwasher safe.

The raised design is made for a more comfortable and easy feed. This bowl is ideal for your dog or cat.

Great if your animal drinks on the window sill as this bowl reduces condensation.

Dog Handbags

Pet Dog Puppy Chihuahua Bag Faux Leather Cat Carrier Cage Gift Case

Trixie Prince-cess range bowl and placematThis is a beautiful bag, perfect for your dog. So Stylish that this bag will go with most of your outfits.

Probably more recommended for a smaller dog or puppy.

It has 3 holes either side for ventilation and a mesh window for your little one to see out of, or if it is a really warm day and needs some fresh air.

This bag comes in grey so is very versatile.

It also comes with a removable leopard print mat which is ideal if any accidents occur, which can be washed easily.

With studded detail around the seam and handles, it is sure to make it a show stopper.

Travel Pod Mini Bag Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Cat / Small Dog / Rabbit / Guinea Pig Carriers (Black, S)

Travel Pod Mini BagBlack and Grey how could you go wrong.

This lightweight fashionable bag ensures you are carrying your pooch around in style.

I find these kind of bags come in handy as you can put them on the floor and your doggy will climb in and snuggle up to sleep.

It has 8 small holes and a breathable mesh for fresh air.

You cannot go wrong with this bag, from its very good quality to being very practical, your little one can travel in comfort.

This bag also comes in pink and lemon, orange and bright yellow so something for everyone.

Dog Harnesses

No Pull Small Dog – Pet Harness – Breathable Dotty Cotton Design – Range of Colours and Sizes (Blue Medium) (LSW Pet Design)

Small Dog Pet HarnessThis ultra comfy soft cotton harness is perfect for a small dog.

This harness prevents your dog, puppy from pulling on their lead as you take them for a walk.

Harnesses are great for smaller dogs as it can be quite dangerous to have a collar based lead due to their size, it can really pull on their neck and cause them discomfort or harm.

The harness has an adjustable strap to suit your dogs size.

There is a selection of colours to choose from and even though they have a polka dot pattern, they are still quite masculine for a boy dog.

The harness comes in L, M, S, XL and XS. You may want to order the next size up than you need as the measurements are off slightly.

Front Range Dog Harness, No-Pull. 3M Reflective Stitching for Improved Night-Time Visibility – Green, Large Size

Front Range Dog HarnessThis harness is a lot better for a larger dog.

It has 3m reflective stitching for improved night time visibility.

You can choose from plain black, Green or orange.

There are 2 attachment points for extra comfort and also the material is super soft to ensure there is no discomfort.

The light colours of the harness and stitching makes it a lot easier for you to spot your dog when off the lead or for motorists to see when wandering around.

Handy Dog Essentials

SystemsEleven Dog Pet Puppy Cat Travel Pack Water Drinking Bottle Bowl Dish 500ML 17 fl oz

SystemsEleven Dog Pet Puppy Cat Travel PackWhat a great essential to have when going on a long walk or even on a really hot day.

The SystemsEleven Dog Walker Dispenser is such a handy gadget to have.

I have been on many walks with my pooches and just taken a bottle of water, then had to give them a drink out of my hand.

Well no more since I found this product.

It has a detachable water bottle for easy filling and then a dispenser tray from where they can drink from (life saver). Its great on long car journeys, camping or hikes.

Thumbs up to this product.

Doggee Bag Dispenser, Blue

Doggee Bag DispenserThis Doggee Bag Dispenser is such a cool gadget to have.

No more pockets filled with poop bags or big bulky dispensers.

This one easily clips to your keys, dog lead or your belt.

It’s made from non toxic material so if any of your four legged friends get a hold of it, it’s totally safe, just maybe a little chewed!

This dispenser holds about 20 poop bags of any size and do not tangle when getting them out. Just push your bags into to it, and voila, your good to go.

Maybe your going shopping and need some carrier bags, this device hold up to 3 of them. Great product.

FURminator deShed Tool Dog Med/Orange Long Hair

FURminator deShed ToolThe Furminator is a great deshedding tool.

You can purchase them for shorter haired dogs or longer haired ones.

They are great for keeping dog hairs at bay, as I know all too well (I have two white Chihuahuas and black clothes is a total no no).

The comb is created to make sure your dog has a comfortable experience too so that they enjoy the process as well as keeping your home hair free. The only downfall is that you have to comb your dog twice a day for 20 minutes, so you will need to have a few hours spare to get the most out of this product.